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Coming From Cleveland and Nobler Endeavors

Dreams With Sharp Teeth – documentary on Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison

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Mitt And the Muddle

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy There’s so much I could blather on about the delicious presidential battle shaping up between old school neo-liberal plutocrats of the centerist left vs “personal responsibility” Ayn Randian … Continue reading

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“I Talked My Way Into It”

Werner Herzog’s new film, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, joins my favorite filmmaker to a subject that has fascinated me since I was a kid. Herzog, as he puts it, “talked his way into the Chauvet Cave” in France. With … Continue reading

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Reality Has a Grander Magic of its Own

Interview with Scientist Richard Dawkins ‘Religion? Reality Has a Grander Magic of its Own’ SPIEGEL ONLINE: The American geneticist Dean Hamer postulated the God Gene hypothesis, proposing that humans are genetically hardwired for religious faith. Dawkins: I’d prefer to say … Continue reading

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God Loves Gunn High School

Fred Phelps, the hateful and hate-mongering ‘pastor’ of infamousWestboro Baptist Church, Topeka, brought his tiny insane mob to a sidewalk across the street of Gunn High School, Palo Alto, California. Phelps is well beyond the pale, and, for example, has … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Image

The Shadow that the Future Throws Text based on a conversation between Nathan Gardels and Ivan Illich in 1989 Now, nearly two decades [after 1969] later, a woeful sense of imbalance has dawned on the common sense. The destruction of … Continue reading

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Is Bubba Really Gone?

I’ve been feeling my way around vampires because the Jung-Fire group has also been doing so. Whilst descriptions of vampires varied widely, certain traits now accepted as universal were created by the film industry. Where did vampires originate? Well, nearly … Continue reading

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The Health of Money

The God In the Machine, Lewis H. Lapham, Lapham’s Quarterly, V.II,No.3 President Barack Obama during his first months in office seldom has missed a chance to liken the country’s healthcare system to an unburied corpse, which, if left lying around … Continue reading

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The Sweat Lodge of World Transformation

Scary, but also worth a read: For Some Seeking Rebirth, Sweat Lodge Was End John Doughtery – New York Times: October 21, 2009 The story summarizes the horrific manslaughter that resulted from a sweat lodge conducted by new age con … Continue reading

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A Programming Problem

In today’s New York Times, in the magazine, Paul Krugman asks, How Did Economists Get It So Wrong? In the article he recounts how it happened that the world’s finest experts in macroeconomics were unable to adapt their models and, … Continue reading

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What the Wind Blows

Reflexive Orders of Awareness – A Schema Some examples should suffice to unpack the notion of reflexive orders. First Order awareness is automatic, and not directed. If you ever have driven a car and noted at some point that you … Continue reading

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Sustainability, Systems Awareness, Eros

There are times when I compel myself to withhold an astringent critique. If I’m on the ball, I can figure out how to render a sweeter critique delicately, when the circumstances call for this. Tonight presented such an occasion. After … Continue reading

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Negative Omega

[Liberalism] knows that an individual is nothing fixed, given ready-made. [Individuality] is something achieved, and achieved not in isolation but with the aid and support of conditions, cultural and physical–including in “cultural,” economic, legal and political institutions as well as … Continue reading

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Practice of a Lifetime, Or, Useful tool?

Allow me to briefly sing the praises of the Integral model. Not in its pseudo-formalization given by Mr. Wilber (et.al.) but in its idiosyncratic and the decidedly ‘informalization,’ given by me. First, it is necessary to locate my move here … Continue reading

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Down from The Wall

Back in the eighties, I was working the front, retail, lines of the record business, managing a record department in the back of a book store in Middlebury, Vermont, home to Middlebury College. I was a long haired jazzer, whose … Continue reading

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Big Picture Maturation

“It is not the incarnate Sophia’s role to bind or connect us to the earth, but to help us recognize that our understanding of ourselves as separate from the earth is a delusion.” Henri Corbin discovered in the article, SOPHIA … Continue reading

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Elephants, and, Almost the Ivan Illich Moment

Last night Entrepreneurs For Sustainability sponsored a daring program, in their monthly series. Titled Sustainability and Poverty, it was the first program over 12 years of the series, that primarily focused on the larger political-economic and social ‘human system.’ I’d … Continue reading

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Free time is tending towards its own opposite, and is becoming a parody of itself. Thus unfreedom is gradually annexing ‘free time,’ and the majority of unfree people are as unaware of this as they are of the unfreedom itself. … Continue reading

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“History” (excerpt from A Bibliography On America For Ed Dorn) click to see large version “Theory” Theory of Society click to see large version (source: Additional Prose of Charles Olson Four Seasons Foundation 1974) I offer three pages for closer … Continue reading

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On December 16, The Uncertain Future of News, (WCPN Stream,) joined host Dan Malthrop with Lauren Rich Fine ContentNext, Kent State University and Ted Gup Case Western Reserve University to discuss the imploding old print newspaper media. The discussion was … Continue reading

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