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Hard Drives, History

The very first production hard disk was the IBM 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control), introduced on September 13, 1956. This beastie stored 5 million characters (approximately five megabytes, but a “character” in those days was only … Continue reading

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“The stage is too big for the drama”

God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how something works, you get some laws which you’re taking away from God; you don’t need … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Image

The Shadow that the Future Throws Text based on a conversation between Nathan Gardels and Ivan Illich in 1989 Now, nearly two decades [after 1969] later, a woeful sense of imbalance has dawned on the common sense. The destruction of … Continue reading

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