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Just Sayin’ – once again

Talk Origins – central counter-creationist resource 12. Nobody has ever seen a new species evolve. Speciation is probably fairly rare and in many cases might take centuries. Furthermore, recognizing a new species during a formative stage can be difficult, because … Continue reading

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Africa, the Original Home of Every Single Racist

Gotcha: We saw 12 Years a Slave last night. Powerful. Funny thread I was interested to learn that a currently fashionable notion of Christian fundamentalists holds that Adam, being a farmer, had to be from the vicinity of modern day … Continue reading

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Majoritarian Reality Follies

One of the creationist lobbying organizations in Texas is named Texans for Better Science Education! Here Texas goes again. Creationists May Be Helping To Choose Biology Textbooks In Texas Rebecca Klein, Huffington Post It seems as though creationists could have … Continue reading

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Older and Better

How Old Is the Human Race? va News.Discovery The National geographic Genographic Project 2.0 A fifty percent increase in the age of our race is gigantic swing in a primary historical quantification. The Genographic Project is a multiyear research initiative … Continue reading

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Last-Minute Changes. Scientific orthodoxy says that human evolution stopped a long time ago. Did it? (Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2009) Christopher Chabris ‘psychology professor at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y.’  Where it is written: But scientists do disagree over the … Continue reading

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