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Illich On Water

Ray Winslow: Illich was deeply opposed to being recorded, on audio tape or film. “Modern-day pornography,” he called it. But yes, we are lucky to have this short clip of such an extraordinary thinker and human being.

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Catastrophic Image

The Shadow that the Future Throws Text based on a conversation between Nathan Gardels and Ivan Illich in 1989 Now, nearly two decades [after 1969] later, a woeful sense of imbalance has dawned on the common sense. The destruction of … Continue reading

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Elephants, and, Almost the Ivan Illich Moment

Last night Entrepreneurs For Sustainability sponsored a daring program, in their monthly series. Titled Sustainability and Poverty, it was the first program over 12 years of the series, that primarily focused on the larger political-economic and social ‘human system.’ I’d … Continue reading

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