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Dual Preoccupations

Bacchus from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

The coniunctio happens in the underworld, it happens in the dark when there is no light shining any more. When you are completely out and consciousness is gone, then something is born or generated; in the deepest depression, in the deepest desolation, the new personality is born. When you are at the end of your tether, that is the moment when the coniunctio, the coincidence of opposites, takes place (Mary-Louise von Franz).

Mary Halvorson and my friend Susan Alcorn, the latter among a handful of pedal steel guitarists playing experimental jazz.

A Brief Schema of the Reformation of the Contemporary Dark Egregore (2018) Stephen Calhoun 36x36a

A Brief Schema of the Reformation of the Contemporary Dark Egregore (2018) Stephen Calhoun 36x36a

A track was created and dedicated to Ms. Alcorn, in 2011, on the Kamelmauz (my) recording Poor City.

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Old Music Renewed for the Adventurous Listener


My most accessible musical work, compiled into easy listening medleys; aimed at friends, the neophyte, the intrepid, and the unsuspecting.
Plus: FREE DOWNLOAD genre: slow music, experimental, ambient

Medley I.
1 (2001) Ancient Sanabad 4:29
2 (2009) Heldonsket 6:10
3 (2011) Come Over 2:12
4 (2011) And Over 2:15

Medley II.
5 (2012) Wunderbare Momente 8:30
6 (2000) Turquoise 5:06
7 (2009) Moon Cave 5:38

Medley III.
8 d (2013) Although Others Weigh In 3:41
9 d (2013) Still Not Final 4:36
10 c (2010) Poor-City 9:58

11 a (2001) No One Knows the Weaver’s Dreams (excerpt 2014) 11:47

Kamelmauz: compositions, improvisations, sound design pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, synthesizers, keyboards, percussion, sampler, small instruments

This recording is dedicated to Kenneth Warren, 1953-2015
“Kamelmauz is sounding the audible id of Lake Erie’s depths and surroundings.”

COme Over /and Over is dedicated to Roger McGuinn | Poor City is for Ken
Know One Knows the Weaver’s Dreams is for Deborah

Producer: Stephen Calhoun
Produced at noguts noglory studios, Cleveland Heights, Ohio | Cover Design: Hippie Goat

hat tip to Apple Computer, Native Instruments, Leo Fender, Gestrument, Moog Synthesizers,
and all the other audio design toolmakers – KAMELMAUZ.BANDCAMP.COM
special thanks to, as always, Susan

Sampler is free until September 1, 2015.

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Music – a year, a very good year


The greatest rock band of 2014, Wussy.

Hoon the Muso has posted a series of blog articles highlighting some of the music that brought him pleasure and provocation in 2014. the series of posts, the so-called yearly recap

I have several alter-egos. These other meez each serve a purpose.


Kamelmauz : my creative counterpart invested in and dedicated to doing sonic or musical experiments utilizing ears, steel guitars, synthesizers, odd instruments, percussion.

Kamelmauz put out a recording last year, his seventh. It consists of odds and ends from 2010-2014.

Hoon the Muso : coming from my high school nickname, Hoon #2, then from 1971-1992, Hoon. Hoon the Muso was the record store, and music biz close confidante, and radio broadcaster, engagements that ate up chapters from 1970-1974, 1976-1987, 1995-2000. This morphs into Hoon the Muso, ace record collector and colleague of the last muso circle with Dusenbury and Dr. Bill.

Dub Collision: compiler of cassette and compact disc compilations–starting in 1976.

oh, yeah. . .

polymath or dilletante, charlatan or simpleton?

Dr.Puck : thanks to Ken, my post-professional and faux-academic pretensions, mercurial personality, promethean aspirations, and counter-cultural background are nicely summed by this naming, one that comes in handy in meta-logues, for which Dr.Puck is interlocutor, and, for blog commenting.



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Kamelmauz Update


Nogutsnoglory Studio set up for live video and audio recording. The project for Jesper Nordin and Gestrument features three tracks, two of Gestrument for iPad, and one looped, processed 2 bars of pedal steel guitar, plus steel guitar atmospherics. I am may well be the only audionaut in the world deploying pedal steel and Gestrument to make soundscapes.

Gestrument 1

I gave notice on the music blog, but, here’s the direct link to the page featuring IOS Music Pioneers, including yours truly in his Kamelmauz mode. (Gestrument iis a deep gestural, generative sampler, synthesizer, controller.



Kamelmauz and Duty Free Records, released two records in December recorded on Gestrument, made the demonstration video for Gestrument, compiled older outtakes into a single album, Unity, revitalized the Soundcloud nogutsnoglory site, and, also started an endless album on Kamelmauz-soundz at Bandcamp. As always, the music blog and Kamelmauz twitter @kamelmauz are there to help you keep track! And, there’s a Facebook stone too.


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New Music From Kamelmauz – Apparently


My music making alter ego is: Kamelmauz. He does sonic experiments and lets me produce and issue them on Duty Free Records. Finally, these records are issued on Bandcamp, in one of two locations.

Got it? There today exist fourteen different audio productions. Each can be downloaded or auditioned at Bandcamp.

The vein of music I create is variously reduced to categories–experimental/avant-agarde/ambient/industrial/dark ambient–which miss the personal point of my efforts. Oh well. ‘we’ make music for the sake of my enjoyment of the process of making music, and, to actively support my enthusiasm for learning, novelty, and experience.

Full length: Kamelmauz.bandcamp
EP’s and single tracks: Kamelmauz-soundz.bandcamp

As you should know by now, my musical activities and interests are documented on the blog of noguts noglory studios.

no guts no glory

I go meta about my creativity. Meta means: I make stuff and I reflect on making stuff.

There’s a video for the new ep, Apparently There’s More.

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New Kamelmauz Soundz

Kamelmauz Forn Anda

New free soundz from the stew pot of nogutsnoglory studios; announced today on the music blog. There the new piece is embedded, excerpted and plugged into a video, and linked through to Kamelmauz-Soundz — where experts may download the free high definition FLAC audio file.

Incidentally, it really is nifty when anybody taps [Like] at Bandcamp, or, sends the link over to Google+ with a [Plus].

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ARK: Three Pieces

Motion Study
Motion Study

The Wanderers
click for large version

Blue Immersion
click for large version

Blue Immersion edited and reconfigured for cover of most recent Kamelmauz production

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It’s All Music


(This week Kamelmauz released two new recordings, Poor City, and a free EP, Sleeper. You can listen to all the released Kamelmauz music at Bandcamp.)

Music is my number two* interest, and my number one obsession, and has been so for forty years and counting. Music is my primary metaphor too, because all of its features–listening, playing together, improvising, composing, etc.–provide interesting echoes for all sorts of human qualities, patterns and interactions. Also, both music and sound are, paradoxically, ubiquitous and mysterious.

For example, it is both common and strange that every person possesses musicality. I’m fascinated by the history of the universal human relationship to sound, and, how entangled are sound and language. I’ve tracked this relationship back by way of the anthropological scholarship about presumed prototypes for music and language. This becomes very speculative because a deep generalization about both is: before writing and musical transcription, aural productions are ephemeral, except inasmuch as the products were heard, stored, and made retrievable. …by mind. Much much later, the productive secondary instruments in both realms become part of the artifactual record. Last time I checked, a 40,000 bone flute marked the oldest sound producing artifact found so far–for either mode of production.

My quest for this sound of proto-music represents the centering discovery process for my musical cosmos. Around this orbits that which somehow, (or in various ways,) triangulates–for ‘prime’ example– Thelonious Monk, The Byrds, and Pauline Oliveros. The track leads, then, from the ongoing hearing to youthful enthusiasms and all the way back to the infancy of sound.

My productive musical alter egos are Kamelmauz, he of the naive yet vigorous approach to designing and making his music, or, evoking into a room the sound (he has) already heard. Another one is Dub Collision, who compiles mixes, nowadays in the form of downloads. In this way, he shares–I share–juxtapositions of songs from the vast archive. Ol’ Mr. Collision has been at his compilin’ art for a very long time. I blog my musical activities at nogutsnoglory studios blog, including Dub Collision podcasts at the rate of about one per month. Finally. ‘alter-ego-wise, there is the Hippiegoat, who does all the musically inspired graphic design for mssrs Kamelmauz and Dub Collision.

Every Dub Collision mix/podcast is noted below.

nogutsnoglory studios blog

Rhythm River imaginal musicology
Rhythm River has to do with an experiential learning process involving music I developed.

Mantra Modes
A blog about the music and artistry of Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, and about the sound of South Africa.

Kamelmauz – recordings at Bandcamp


Shadow Sutra experimental

Spiral Dilemma improv
DCmix-One-Track-Mind One Track Mind funk
DCmix-Open-Shadows Open Shadows experimental
DCmix-Clinging Clinging experimental
Megaupload post |
DCmix-Seventeen Seventeen In a Perfect World pop
Mama Told Me Not to Come pop
Blues for Harvey Pekar improv
DCmix-Simi-Lindele Sini Lindele [Homecoming] africa
DCmix-Nothing-Over Nothing Over experimental

Life Is a Carnival pop

Girl in Winter pop/post-rock

Cheap Blues blues

Saxophone Gladness improv

Magnolia pop

Family Blessing improv

Lookout Cleveland
(Back on the Porch volume 1) pop

True Man, Magic World pop/eclectic

Exclusivity beats, chill
Divshare 1 – 2post

Our Man Flint
(I Need to Volunteer Today) pop, eclectic

Afro-Bloo africa

Kamelmauz’s recordings can be purchased at Bandcamp. (If you want a keepsake, you can throw a few smolians in the direction of the artist. If you LIKE Kamelmauz fan page on Facebook, I’ll send you a code for a free download of Poor City. If you email Kamelmauz, you’ll receive a code that knocks the price from $9 to $4.50.)

*My number one interest is observing and researching what makes people and relationships tick.

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The Rhythm River pages are up at squareONE. I made a quickee montage to promote this latest tool; albeit the development unfolded over twenty years.

[flashvideo filename=http://squareone-learning.com/video/RhythmRiver2.flv /]

Music is Kayyam, from my 2002 recording In Khorasan. It can be streamed in its entirety over at nogutsnoglory studios, at the bottom of the world hed music page.

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