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What, no there/their?

Ten Most looked-up words (Merriam-Webster for 2010) 1. Pretentious 2. Ubiquitous 3. Love 4. Cynical 5. Apathetic 6. Conundrum 7. Albeit 8. Ambiguous 9. Integrity 10. Affect / Effect Flash poem: APATHETIC cynical love pretentious integrity albeit ambiguous affect ubiquitous … Continue reading

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Usually a politically oriented posting is posted to Diggeracity, where I rant and rave to blow off steam. However, I offer a clipping of Dana Perrino, Deputy White House Press Secretary, addressing questions and follow-ups about this week’s odd assertion … Continue reading

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From a perspective of what language can and cannot accomplish, and especially from the perspective concerned with the dynamics of cognitive relation to persuasive language over time, the effort of the Cheney Inc. to push “stay the course” back in … Continue reading

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There are lots of portals for word freaks. I highlight the Encyberpedia because, when you scroll down its list of dictionaries, glossaries and thesauri, you get to the middle choice. It’s Glossary Heaven when you do! My current fave is … Continue reading

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