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Slowly My Timing Improves

My own result hit close to the sweet spot. My self-evaluation about my time perspective recognizes that my hedonistic present anchors me and is also the imposition I have to work against. This is consistent with my Myers-Briggs XNXP, my … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford’s revision of the learning typology of David Kolb substitutes Activist for concrete experience, Pragmatist for active experimentation, Theorist for abstract conceptualization, and Reflector for reflective observation. Their theory seems to me to mix a more … Continue reading

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Basking In Assessment

Ha ha. I’m XNFP, yet I’m extroverted in the main. It seems to me that there are environmental factors in extroversion/introversion; which is to suggest a degree of isolation may pull a person toward the introspective pole. A short version … Continue reading

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