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Live From the Well

The idea that what one has long held of a person is apt to stop one’s eyes and ears. —Marcel Proust Elders from GLEN MILNER on Vimeo. The self is a metaphor. We can decide to limit it to our … Continue reading

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Whirling Around World Events

Whirling Dervishes Istanbul from John Cummins on Vimeo. All the saints and sages have said evil deeds become a dark hole which encloses the evil doer. The worse the doer’s deed, the darker is the hole. You may intend to … Continue reading

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Is This Love?

The clear bead at the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now. I’ve heard it said there’s a window that opens from one mind to another, but if there’s no wall, there’s no need for fitting … Continue reading

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Relishing the Friend

Rumi: “ The cup wants to be lifted and used, not broken but carried carefully to the next. The cup knows there is a state for you beyond this one that comes with more vast awareness. The cup looks still … Continue reading

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The Pen

The Pen – 12×12″ – from a photograph – S.Calhoun Although it is evidently visible yet there is no one there who sees it. Amazing! Even though it exists in everyone everywhere yet it has gone unrecognized. Amazing! Nevertheless, you … Continue reading

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Eyes Have It

O dear friend, I am bound to you through friendship. Wherever you may step, I am the ground for you. In the creed of loverhood it is never allowed That I should see the world through you and not see … Continue reading

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Dance A Round

Sema No. 1 – from a photograph (2014, S.Calhoun) Paradox Paradoxes: best wakefulness in sleep, wealth in having nothing, a pearl necklace fastened around an iron collar. Fire contained in boiling water. Revenues growing from funds flowing out. Giving is … Continue reading

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Don’t Bow to Everybody

[KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″]http://squareone-learning.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/Smiles.mp4[/KGVID]

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A Yellow Rose – 2013 S. Calhoun; from a photograph Do you know a word that doesn’t refer to something? Have you ever picked and held a rose from R O S E ? You say the NAME. Now try … Continue reading

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To Speak With Solomon

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Lovers of Truth- rise up! Let us go toward heaven. We have seen enough of this world, It’s time to see another… No, no- don’t stop here. The gardens may flow with beauty But let us go to the Gardner … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Bart’s Lesson

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Rumi: Flutes and Peas

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Found: Coleman Barks

Poet Coleman Barks

Several weeks ago I went searching on the net for Coleman Barks. Barks, a poet, is most well known for his versions of Rumi. In fact, to the extent Rumi is known by the English-speaking world, a lion’s share of the credit accrues to Mr. Barks and to his colleague and co-author John Moyne.

Having done this same search years ago, I knew there are numerous resources and media, but, one such resource at the CBC had been taken down, an interview with Barks and Andrew Harvey by Mary Hynes (as part of Ms. Hynes’ Tapestry Series.) I made an inquiry.

Lo and behold a few days later a nice gentleman from the CBC emailed me and asked if I would be interested in providing an introduction for this archival podcast. I jumped at the opportunity to help bring the interview back into circulation.

The podcast at the CBC is back, and listed here. (Direct download-mp3)

Coleman Barks interview at Lapham’s Quarterly. (mp3)

Video at Poetry Everywhere (PBS)


The Big Red Book is the newest exploration of Rumi by Coleman Barks. It focuses on Rumi’s relationship with Shams of Tabriz. One of the aphorisms of Shams is a touchstone for me:

Follow the perfume, not the tracks.

The following video provides a beguiling introduction to Rumi and Shams.

Jalaluddin El-Rumi & Shams El Tabriz from Raphael Rousseau Sason on Vimeo.

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To Speak With Solomon

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Reader: Coleman Barks

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I’m so close to you that I’m far apart, So completely merged that I’m separate, So vastly exposed that I’m concealed, So whole and sound that I’ll never be healed. #1121, from Rumi’s Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi Edited by Badiozzaman Forouzanfar … Continue reading

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The friend to whom flower and thorn are one, In whose faith, Koran and Cross are the same — Why should we worry? To him it’s all one: The swiftest horse or a donkey that’s lame. #454: From Rumi’s Kolliyaat-e … Continue reading

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