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Age of the Scary Clown Has Commenced

Ongoing notes on what may transpire now that a literal crazy person is our 45th President are here. 230 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President

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Persuasion, What Me Worry?

Trumpbert Scott Adams, author of Dilbert cartoons, has been blogging about Donald Trump’s persuasion abilities for nine months. Adams styles himself as an expert on persuasion too, so it is no accident that he highlights Trump because he has his … Continue reading

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Zeitgeist, Summer 2016

The risk of inner experience, the adventure of the spirit, is in any case alien to most human beings. ~Carl Jung; Memories, Dreams and Reflections

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Riding With Hair Duce

64 Cadillac Fleetwood via photopin (license) It was bound to happen some night and it happened last night. I had a dream with Donald J. Trump in it. As a longtime dream keeper and dream analyst, the dream with respect … Continue reading

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