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Who Knew?

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford’s revision of the learning typology of David Kolb substitutes Activist for concrete experience, Pragmatist for active experimentation, Theorist for abstract conceptualization, and Reflector for reflective observation. Their theory seems to me to mix a more … Continue reading

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Two Style Self-Reports

Print out this post to utilize the two assessment forms. Archetype Axis Reflect on the make-up of your personality and assign 15 total points to select archetypal aspects. The scale of the point system is graded this way: 4 points … Continue reading

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Typological Shifting

I recently did a short version free MBTI. It showed by Feeling function slipping into Thinking by 1%. In addition, my Extroversion was barely captured–so it would seem. However, I am an extroverted feeling type. The tendency to separate the opposites … Continue reading

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