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First Five Callers…


Just for the record, I much prefer Google+ to Facebook. On the positive side of the ledger, Facebook has brought into distant orbit a handful of long-lost friends. That is it for the positive side of the ledger.

Facebook seems tenaciously attached to its bad interface innovations. Facebook’s search function is laughable. The ‘be-friending’ central imperative is, for me, limited and not congenial.

Google+ has a slightly better interface, excellent search, and its users may access any other user. The latter advantage is very congenial to my open-ended approach to new relationships and incoming information. The serendipity factor on Google+ is by design central to its differentiation (as a platform) and its appeal to me.

There are ways to leverage Google+ which would make it an attractive vehicle for resurrecting the discussions that have mostly disappeared from my screen over the last ten years. Unfortunately, very few people I personally know are on Google+.

The upshot for my own usage is that the internet isn’t in the main a social space for me; it’s much more like a cosmic library.

Google+ Stephen Calhoun

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Two Things Generative

The Disruptive Power of the Generative Internet by FORAtv

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One More Question Zuckerberg
(Purloined from The Joy of Tech)

I refuse to watch the Google+ introductory video until that point far in the future I receive a usable invite. However, I’ve gleaned enough info to wonder if the G+ platform might be a more attractive medium for reconstituting several of the conversational loci come to be degraded over the years. I’m speaking here of email discussion lists.

This can’t be discussed on the Netdynam2.0 blog. It became moribund this year due to technical problems that aren’t in my portfolio there, even if I’m one of the administrator/authors. Yet, it’s the old Netdynam(ics) email I have in mind when I ponder whether an interdisciplinary discussion is even possible nowadays.

Although such a discussion could be started up on Facebook, basically, I don’t like Facebook. A handy term we used all the time on Netdynam is “affordances.” Facebook’s affordances exists on two levels: accessible, and, sucky.

Facebook v Google+

(click for large image via hubspot)

As for Google, it’s focused on sucking up the universe’s information. I do not check into Facebook every day. Google+ is enticing. A brief discussion with a colleague revealed that, in comparison with my naive anticipation, her anticipation was inflected by trepidation. I’m probably putting her sentiment too mildly.

Meanwhile, Google+ remains in beta with more than 20,000,000 testers. Google isn’t saying when the Facebook killer goes public. I have read recently ‘sometime in 2012.’ I decided not to expend too much energy rooting around scoop city for inside reports. Google, is, as is usually, arrogant times a zillion, so it/they, aren’t providing a flow of information at all about the current status of the test.

Google+ has evoked a forum. Scoop.IT has one of the best Google+ news streams.

Walking Around In Circles: As Google+ Opens Up Will People Start Using It Correctly? (MG Siegler, Techcrunch)

Our Take On Google+ (Involver)


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A mosaic of the world made out of tilt-shifted videos of cities around the world.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

Crazy good public art. Maybe somebody in the ‘wood will get on it.

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Slow Motion

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.

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Play Ethic

Head’s up to a very deep resource: Pat Kane’s The Play Ethic. Kane web site lists a ton of outward bound resources on play and experiential learning. On the Wikipedia page about him, it is written,

As co-director (with partner Indra Adnan) of the human potential consultancy New Integrity, Kane is developing a comprehensive “play audit” for organisations, institutions and enterprises, based on his research into the past, present and future of ludic culture.

He writes about his services.

To realise the power and potential of play for your organization/enterprise requires a range of learning experiences and techniques – one of which is certainly the experience of playing itself, in all its different modes (from physical to intellectual, from emotional to cultural).

This got me to imagining what one might do were one to execute an “exploration audit” of an organization. Hmmm. Beside, play, both an ethic and aesthetic I share with Pat, I’m interested in how groups, teams, organizations, intentionally deploy exploratory capabilities.

Play Ethic has an audio-video page.

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Gordon Knox, director of the global initiatives project at Stanford University’s Humanities Lab could be considered an instigator of the “post-professional” meme as it applies to the commons and articulations of knowledge and experience on the internet.

article: If Corporations Could Paint (Forbes)

Over on our, (being the Netdynam email discussion group,) new group project blog, Netdynam 2.0, I’ve posted Knox’s video, Darwin, web 2.0 and the Role of the Amateur.

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