If you could give up tricks and cleverness, this would be the cleverest trick!

Rumi was one of the great lanterns of experiential spirituality and Sufism. Today, not only is Rumi the most read poet in the world, his work imbues many spiritual ‘schools’ with important psychological, esoteric and yogic principles and methods.

Who was Rumi? What is the Mevlevi Order? For one thing, it’s not one order today. Here are portals to sites in Turkey,, and the United States, The Threshold Society. Many fine web sites are maintained on behalf of Rumi’s continuing influence, ranging from examples of orthodox and heterodox views. Many familiar with his poetry will know the versions of Coleman Barks and John Moyne. There are a many other sources of his poetry on the web, including

Divan e-Shamsa & Mathnavi (Masnavi i Ma’navi ) @rumionfire Blissbat Zara Houshmand. Oneworld-publications maintains a recommended listing of links, as does Khamush. Stan Tenen’s schematic perspective on the Sema, the Mevlevi ritual dance is interesting. Finally, Omphaloskepsis offers many downloads of important Sufi literature.

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