I’ve been following the local controversy over the canning of Ed Morrison at CWRU-Weatherhead’s REI. I’ve never met Mr. Morrison, and have few contacts with the homie smart mob for whom Morrison was a central figure and maven. Yet, thank goodness! Now his open source economic development model will find a much better home than fading fast CWRU. Call it the silver lining.

George Nemeth is the tracker on all this: BrewedFreshDaily

Ed Morrison’s Blog, EdPro

Peter Lewis wondered last year about the state of creative capital in the higher beings of University Circle’s ‘great’ chain of being. I reckon now the cat is out of the bag. It can hardly surprise a cogent observer that the neoliberal-academic coalition is shifting strike forces around in a hopeless effort to sanitize and pacify the creative insurgency. Ha ha! You clean out one little Org. and the pesky guerrillas pop up elsewhere! Hey, to me, asymmetry is the contemporary paradigm.

Meanwhile, as a trans-academic and indy scholar who’s focus is on adult learning, the nature of intelligence, and transformative auto-poesis, I end with my simple structure for figuring out whether it is likely somebody is about to bullsh*t you.

(1) Is said person able to listen somewhat objectively?

(2) Is said person mostly identified with their own persona?

(3) Is said person negatively capable?
(Thus is: smart, open, flexible, reality-based, critically intelligent, etc.)

(4) Is said person aware of their own biases and their ramifications?

In short: Present, Detached, Diversely smart, Self-critical? Persons who don’t listen well, who want you to believe (i.e. construe accurately,) their own fantasy about their prized personality, persons converged upon some inflexible grid, and persons who have’t given much thought to their own blind spots let alone integrated insight about same, generally if not usually, will freely sling baloney at you sooner rather than later.

Paradigmatic story: The Emperor Without Any Clothes. Connection with Morrison/REI? My guess is that it is quite possible Morrison was walking in a gale of self-serving, baloney-peddling petty emperors. Maybe not. No matter, you can stick a fork in top-down, the hierarchies are about to become subject to natural forces, asymmetry, what Jung termed ‘compensation’.

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