Sorry, comments are in fact turned on. The In-Box broils a bit due to my my earlier controversial post. Accused of not knowing the other side or anything about Weatherhead internal politics, I admit t’is so. I also note better information didn’t tag along with the accusation.

When I returned to Cleveland in 1992, skinned a bit during a spell of music biz fear and loathing in West L.A., I networked through the non-profit arts community. Unable to elevate smarts over being a nobody, I received many lectures. None were memorable. Being a tracker, since that time I’ve listened to complaints about gatekeeping, who sits at the table, the sound of one hand clapping the speaker’s back, deaf calling card pushers, etc.. Sometimes like this: encounter. It’s all very funny and “Cleveland”.

(13 years later) Cleveland is the poorest large city in the U.S. Might I add too: Cleveland is a paragon of segregation, white flight, paranoia, and, pardon me, efacement. This motivates me to make a similar suggestion to the one I pose to Republican loyalists. Lessee, Nixon, Ford 1968-1976; Reagan, Bush, 1980-1992; Bush II 2000-2005. 25 of 37 years in executive power and what have you to show for it? Incomes at the median stagnant for three decades, executives making 100+ times the average salary of the workers who actually produce the products; and a savage neoliberalism riding quarterly profits -these days- based in aggregate returns accrued in the majority to capital holders rather than workers for the first time since good stats began being kept post world war 2.

Oh, the suggestion: the purported best and the brightest locally have achieved exactly what to benefit us all over their long reign? The bankers, tycoons, real estate emperors, foundations, sr.academics? Follow the money? It hasn’t landed on Broadway in decades.

How to spot revolutionary intelligences? I don’t spend great gobs of time out hobnobbing and networking so my spottings tend to be few in number, but, the approach scales so I assume Cleveland has a lot of revolutionary intelligence. The rich intelligence, (I know of,) isn’t, in fact could not, be thinking about, for example, casinos, convention centers, and new ‘university commons’.

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