Tony Felice (Cronosys.com), Ken Warren (Lakewood Observer/dir. Lakewood Public library), Ed Morrison, and me, met for 3+ hours on August 15th. The purpose was to learn about Morrison’s I Open paradigm for collaborative, open source economic development.

(Notwithstanding my intuitive and inchoate pontificating about Morrison’s move outside of ‘the academy,’ the meetup was my first encounter with Ed and I Open.)

Ken is working on a full report for the Observer. Ed generously shared a lot of material with us about his own background, the I Open model, and, in the second half of the discussion, provided a rich response to a number of questions aimed to drill down into the human element (and touch) found in the I Open model.

Among many intriguing and inspiring aspects, the two which leaped out for this participant had to do with education and cultural elements of the I Open ‘system’ and a brief drill down into a brief regard of psychological factors, including motivation, anxiety, and the one that provided the jumping off point, trust.

Tony nailed down the core idea in all this when he noted that both economic and educational development are “spiritual problems”.

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