Mark Lund, Experiential learning. A small exploration, supplies an okay overview of experiential learning’s intellectual roots. No doubt its concision came at a cost of completeness. I guess I’m not much of a judge of this, because there is an equally pithy list of items taken from the work of Bill Proudman. I’m don’t know Proudman’s work, but his list is aces.

Bill Proudman (1992 p 21) in reviewing experiential education suggests the following principles for the delivery of any experiential learning program, that there must be:

1. mixture of content and process.

2. absence of excessive teacher judgement.

3. engage(ment) in purposeful endeavors.

4. encourag(ment of) the big picture perspective.

5. teaching (for) multiple learning styles.

6. … reflection.

7. … emotional investment.

8. … re-examination of values.

9. the presence of meaningful relationships.

10. learning outside of one’s perceived comfort zone.

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