Swamini Turiyasangitananda Alice Coltrane passed January 14. She was one of the deeply beautiful human beings.

“In these kinds of times we live in now, with war, floods and fires, it is not unusual because they have been occurring throughout the ages. However, they are occurring now very evidently for us where we see and experience the pain and horror and suffering. . . for a good reason. There is always the polarity: the right side, the left side; the day side, the night side. We on one side see suffering and pain, but on the other side we see giving, we see kindness, we see sympathy. We see a humanity opening its heart, its spirit, and reaching out to those who are in pain. So what is happening now? We have to look at the total picture. The Lord wants us to be sympathetic, charitable, helpful and forgiving because, as was stated, mankind has to experience the truth of its humanity.”

Robert Anton Wilson passed January 11.

“Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

“23 Artemis, 79 p.s.U.

I regard “ideology” and “morality” as the two most dangerous forces on this planet. About “ideology” I have expressed my suspicions elsewhere; here I will only mention John Adams’s verdict that shortening “ideology” to “idiocy” would save some space and add a great deal to clarity. He had the French Revolution in mind, but “ideologists” haven’t changed much since then, have they?

As for “morality” — or “moralic acid” as Nietzsche called it — I consider it the major cause of almost all the major atrocities not caused by “ideology.” This wonderful invention, “morality,” allows people — normal, ordinary people — to do things so cruel and violent that they could never bring themselves to do them for selfish reasons. What the sociopath and sadist do for fun, the “moralist” does on behalf of “duty” or “justice.”

“Morality,” today, allows Moslems to stone women to death, as it once fueled the Christian witch-hunts. “Morality” has excused every war, and glorified some of them. “Morality” constantly plots to subvert the Constitutional guarantee of free speech. “Morality” inspires gay-bashing and the bombing of women’s clinics. Why, without “morality” we might all suddenly go stark staring sane.

My vision of Utopia would include a hell of a lot more kindness and mercy than we have now, and a hell of a lot less “morality.”

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