These videos are so funny that I’ll post several. They unwittingly prove a number of points. One: circular arguments can be humorous. Two: should we learn there is an intelligent designer, said designer has a big sense of humor, proved by the design of guileless pseudo-logicians and tautologists who serve as spokespersons for winking intelligent designers. Three: the ‘all at once’ argument is my candidate for silliest pseudo-argument for a designer because the questions it begs point directly toward evolutionary solutions, and not toward the syllogistic nonsense paid off by the equation: amazing! = design!.

Please note baby giraffes are nowhere as amazing as are their gravity burdened elders.

Of course this all begs the question of who designed the designer. Amazing!!!

Wait, this is not the silliest argument. Recently I heard a minister on NPR offer the ‘fact’ that scientific observation couldn’t have occurred before there was science, so “nobody was around to observe what actually happened and there can be no science about what happened prior to the existence of science itself”. Alas, a caller in response fumbled the rejoinder by not inquiring how anybody could actually know that the Minister was ‘happening’.

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