In ancient Greece, the masculine was trying to find consciousness and the hero was the great myth. It summoned great power — even into the first world war. The more matter you had, the more power you had — the more you were the great hero. The massacre that happened at Vimy Ridge and other places really made people question the great hero myth. And certainly the second world war brought it home even more. And Vietnam really ended it.

As I see it, patriarchy became a power principle. It really has very little to do with masculinity. The genuine creative masculine was massacred by patriarchy just as much as femininity was.

The virgin, as I use the word, is the initiated virgin — the feminine of men and women that has worked very hard to find her own values. She is able to sound into her musculature — this is my emotion right now, these are my values. I speak from my heart, my gut, and this is who I am. And she is sexually alive.

This femininity brings men, women and children into their bodies so they experience life. The sacredness of the body is the container that opens to spirit.

The consciousness I am talking about has never been on earth before.

Excerpted from an interview by Alice Klein with Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman

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