I rave to let off steam over at diggeracity. I will be capturing documentation and links both pointed and humorous about the astonishing candidacy of the very dangerous Rudylini.


It staggers the mind to imagine that anyone would support a candidate who, in effect, is Cheney on steroids. Guiliani is neocon and jacobin, egomaniac and narcissist, and predisposed to peddling bald mendacities as if it is the duty of followership to swallow them whole and unchewed.

He hasn’t weighed in on his attitude about the unitary executive, signing statements, congressional oversight, checks and balances, and politicization of the cabinet bureaucracies, transparency, the Constitution, but it is very likely that he has a monarchists’ view of such things.

My guess is that he earns very little support among the cognitively advanced because his faults are so plainly in view. In other words, it seems that no rational case can be made for his likely being a good President.

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