Save the Planet

Dinosaur Musing

Dinosaur Musing

It doesn’t need saving. Earth will be here long after Homo Sapiens Sapiens has departed. Most likely it will teem with life for sometime–as in billions of years–after it no longer teems with us. This will be the case not matter what our last chapter is about.

…just my opinion, but all efforts to transform and develop the human situation in the biosphere, might better be oriented by a much more refined and grounded regard of what actually may come to be saved and needs to be saved.

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  1. Honour

    I agree with you entirely. I’ve believed this for a long time. If humans don’t change this criminally insane social structure that is breaking every Law of Evolutionary sustainability and destroying the balance of the Web of life, then most humans won’t see this half-century out; but what’s left of planetary life will eventually recover and thrive.

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