There’s a First Time for Everything

Cavs coach Mike Brown goes giddy in trying to get from reflecting on Mo William’s shocking dunk and saying something about it.

There are few pleasures more engrossing on the morning after a Cavs win, than reading the opponent’s homer blogs. (Start here on ESPN-Celtics and then you can pound the blog roll at Celtic’s Hub. They’re already, in Boston, trotting out and beta testing Lebron isn’t really injured for post-series relief.

Then there is the vaunting of the Celt’s first half sparkle, along the lines of “it was about as well as the Celtics can play.” I hope not for the sake of getting a chance to witness two A games come to engage each other. The Cavs did not show their A game in the first half. What’s with those skip passes made through Boston’s wingy front court defense? It was hard to watch.

Boston commenters and commentators were more on the mark when they pointed out that the Celtics changed their approach at the worse possible moment and then lost–this against the Cav’s A- game. For the home team’s part, the bench and Mo and a bit more bulk in the paint turned the tide. Key stats in a game where most of the numbers cancelled each other out was the Cavs advantage in turnovers and steals.

Five down, eleven to go…

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