Stars Raining

The White Diamond by Werner Herzog
The White Diamond is my favorite Herzog movie at the moment. This is not to say it’s his best movie, and certainly I can rattle off a dozen moments from his opus I treasure, yet, this beautifully realized documentary about human aspiration under profoundly human circumstances is it, for me, right now.

Up date on my previous post; Mad German Auteur, Now in 3-D! is a somewhat untamed interview and recollection by Chris Heath at GQ.

WH “There is nothing glorious about making a film. It is an endless sequence of banalities.”

CH With a magical goal?

WH “Yes. But shooting a film itself is nothing but banalities. [Then, as though reluctantly, he continues.] However, there’s very rare moments where I get the feeling sometimes I’m like the little girl in the fairy tale who steps out into the night, in the stars, and she holds her apron open, and the stars are raining into her apron. Those moments I have seen and I have had. But they are very rare.”

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