Water Heater & More Hiatus


In fairly short order between August 6 and 17th, first the apple tree’s main limb parted ways with the trunk and fell five or so feet onto the garage roof, and ten days later the water tank for the upstair’s suite sprang a leak and over forty-five minutes several hundred gallons poured on the floor and migrated over to the music library.

Luckily, I was home at the time. It could have been worse. The bottom rows of vinyl records actually served as a dam and prevented the water from reaching the walls. A laminate floor was destroyed, and a lot of vintage record covers were trashed too.

…trivial problems in the scheme of things. My blogging activity is going to be even more reduced as I manage some repair and insurance situations, and figure out with Susan where we’re going to move to in–most likely–Cleveland Heights later in the fall.

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