Coleridge Museum of Experimental Results


Cave, proof for giclee, 2013 S. Calhoun


More Egypt, 2013, SCalhoun



Graph, proof for giclee, 2012, SCalhoun

Persons have offered several comments about the growing home gallery collecting on our new home’s walls a small selection of my visual experiments.

A longtime buddy simply remarked, “You need to edit more.” I get that. I responded, “Each is mainly an experimental result.”

Another visitor asked if “You ever sell your art?” I’m thinking about it.

Dr. Bill, when he learned I produce current work on the computer, said, “That explains why there is so much.”

Finally, my adorable wife Susan observed, “We’re going to run out of space on the walls.”

Actually, I have confined my own experimental results to the stairway, upstairs hallway, topmost stairway and third floor studio, and, soon enough, to one wall of the record library. I’ve done so out of respect for the lovely other spaces of our fine new house.

Should I run out of room, I have promised myself I will buy some bagpipes.

as always, online presentation: my naive art



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