Music – a year, a very good year


The greatest rock band of 2014, Wussy.

Hoon the Muso has posted a series of blog articles highlighting some of the music that brought him pleasure and provocation in 2014. the series of posts, the so-called yearly recap

I have several alter-egos. These other meez each serve a purpose.


Kamelmauz : my creative counterpart invested in and dedicated to doing sonic or musical experiments utilizing ears, steel guitars, synthesizers, odd instruments, percussion.

Kamelmauz put out a recording last year, his seventh. It consists of odds and ends from 2010-2014.

Hoon the Muso : coming from my high school nickname, Hoon #2, then from 1971-1992, Hoon. Hoon the Muso was the record store, and music biz close confidante, and radio broadcaster, engagements that ate up chapters from 1970-1974, 1976-1987, 1995-2000. This morphs into Hoon the Muso, ace record collector and colleague of the last muso circle with Dusenbury and Dr. Bill.

Dub Collision: compiler of cassette and compact disc compilations–starting in 1976.

oh, yeah. . .

polymath or dilletante, charlatan or simpleton?

Dr.Puck : thanks to Ken, my post-professional and faux-academic pretensions, mercurial personality, promethean aspirations, and counter-cultural background are nicely summed by this naming, one that comes in handy in meta-logues, for which Dr.Puck is interlocutor, and, for blog commenting.



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