Double Rolls


artist.stephen.calhoun on Instagram features pieces characterized by their not being in either of my catalogues.


The above Cube-O-Probe reflects the reverse side of the Cube-O-Probe rolled December 31, 2015. The latter probe was used as novel data for a contemplation about How Best to Work With a New Team. The reverse sides given in a single roll are, potentially, no less valuable. However, I don’t use this so-called double roll often because of the challenge posed by too much random data.

I usually get around to the double roll. In this case I waited sixty days. The roll reminds me of a Sufi hot tip: keep it clean.

The Grasp of Order – Stephen Calhoun
recent photographic and generative art

The Gallery at Gray’s Auctioneers
10717 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, Ohio
M-F 10-5p
otherwise open by appointment
216 226-3300

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