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Happy Birthday Gilbert Shelton



Before Garfield, Fat Freddy’s cats.

From Fat Freddy’s Cats, Volume 4Gilbert Shelton

In Conversation from The Comics Journal

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Teaching Cartoons: You Have to Have Faith. . .

Good Shape

(After all, the underlying social motivations haven’t changed at all.)


(Better safe than sorry.)


Bonus reading: Tradition in a Free Society: The Fideism of Michael Polanyi and the Rationalism of Karl Popper
by Struan Jacobs (pdf)


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Teaching Cartoon: On Planning

Oops experiment

We think in order to act, but we also act in order to think. We try things, and those experiments that work converge gradually into viable patterns that become strategies. This is the very essence of startegy making as a learning process. – Henry Mintzberg

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Teaching cartoon: Preparation


purloined from the Funny Times

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Smile, You’re On Candid Everything


This came up on my Google+ feed. My first thought was, ‘smile for the cameras.’ All of ’em

My hot tip of the day is: duckduckgo, the anonymous search engine one might use if privacy is a concern.

nice in person

cartoonist: Chris Slane

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This is my favorite from a post on tastefullyoffensive tumblr; and by all means visit the post for a slew of other classic matches.

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Internet Curios For My Peeps

Weird Likes
Actual suggestions I encountered a few weeks ago on FB.

Media InfoG

via Statista — great resource!


Mt. Fuji & Milky Way via Reddit

An actual book!

Treehouses; from somebody on Google+

via Funny Or Die

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Cat Man Do (Kitty Curation)




Kizzy & Sonny



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Social Reflex

Social Constructionism

Here’s a decent very short treatment: Constructivism and Constructionism

My own sense for my own purposes starts with this premise: individuals differentially embrace unique, or social, or normative, or pragmatic, or heuristically derived, (etc.,) constructs in accordance with the situation at hand. By differentially I mean, at different times and places and for various particular reasons.

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Don’t Forget

Gary Larsen

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Teaching Cartoon: What happened next?


Idries Shah is the source for the dialog (and exposition) in this comic, but it was necessary to shift the subject matter a bit to repurpose its ‘learning function’ and attach it to a contemporary situation.

The reader likely will need to work a bit to tease out the subtle didactic aim of the exposition. The situation of the GOP stands in for all similar situations for which the actual mechanics of leading and following are willfully obscured and substituted with, and here’s the first hint, an idealization about different mechanics.

The subject matter is: the psychological problem of following leaders. What follows are some clues and only clues.

(1) David Corn writes about Project Groundswell, a group of conservative thought leaders working together to lead thoughts and improve followers’ reasons for following.

(2) The Impostor Syndrome: is when the pressure of knowing directly about one’s own faults undermines the effort to present one’s relatively faultless self to others. “If those suckers who worship me only knew what I know!”

(3) The extension of the story, The Emperor With No Clothes; so: what happens next to the followers?

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Teaching Cartoon: What You Ask For


Scott Adams’s Dilbert here replicates one of the classic learning forms given in Sufi teaching stories. There even is a common saying that covers this form: ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ The hidden aspect at the first level–in formal terms–concerns ‘features’ that come along for the ride, so-to-speak. In this instance, you get the head’s up about the downside of working hard, and the grim prospect comes along for the ride.

Dig deeper and this is also about one-sidedness and obsession. But, you didn’t ask about these!

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Teaching Cartoon: Secret of a Long Life

short life

In fact, it is only recently that most people survive long enough to encounter the unique maladies that “show up” in the territory of the long-lived.


The Evolution of Human Longevity from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages: An Analysis Based on Skeletal Data
by Jesper L. Boldsen & Richard R. Paine

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Screening Needs

Maslow's Internet Needs


Ummm, cats.

Last May, when Sonny, our male cat, was five months old and a lithe leaper, I constructed a video and posted it to youtube. Since then 62 people have viewed the video. Thank you. I did my part. The video did not go viral.

Sonny, grown-up, apparently.

Sonny 14 months

Yeah, now he’s a big lad; 15lbs. He cannot really elevate like he used to be able to do, but when he gets up a head of steam he can get himself up five feet. As always, he doesn’t stick the landing as much as try to wrestle his ‘touch-down’ momentum back down to zero.

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I’d Participate

a fantasy

Role-playing is fine. I’d prefer the cooking role.

h/t Subverting Subverting the Genre blog, one of a family of very humorous blogs.

Meanwhile, there is a genre I’d call unintentional subversion. So, bonus:

The Centrifuge Brain Project from Till Nowak on Vimeo.

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CIA Goes Social

Twitter Blue Birds

I much prefer the international party / creep show by design that is Google Plus (G+) over both The Facebook and The Twitter. Alas, hardly anyone I know shares this view as of the end of 2012.

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The New Age

Telephone Play

Ok, the old age:

The Old Age

(New Yorker; August 27, 2012)

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Faster Than Jeebus

Splurt Bill Nye

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Cartoon Dada: Top This, Again

Top This Again

Previous cartoon in this series: Top This

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Mars Hars

Roy Grabs the Hand


First Glimpses From Curiosity’s cameras:

Mars Shadow


. . .a burgeoning genre, no doubt.

NASA’s photos of Mars web page

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