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Eva’s Id

Ann "It's Hard" Romney

It is becoming increasingly apparent Ann Romney has lived as sheltered a life as has her husband.


Romney’s remarks, then, are of a piece with a narrative – poverty as character defect – favored by many who know exactly jack about the reality of poverty, but who have discovered that demonizing the faceless poor, giving us someone new to resent and blame, is good politics. They wrap their attacks in rags of righteousness and pretensions of pragmatism, but there is something viscerally wrong, morally shrunken, in a nation where the most fortunate are encouraged to treat the least fortunate as some enemy race.

So the big story here is not about what damage Romney did to his campaign. Yes, the fact that he used condemnation of the poor as a lever of political advantage shames him.

But the very fact that the lever exists shames us all.

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Rape, Shmape, the GOP All Up in Your…

GOP Ultrasound

Coerced to accept penetration by any object is called what? Figure it out by the logic of Paul Ryan:

[flashvideo filename=http://squareone-learning.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/PaulRyan31.flv /]

Ladies, get ready to hand over your body to the GOP, as Ann and Mitt prepare for (your) future rubber glove moments.

Mitt & Ann's Rubber Glove

bonus resemblance:

Another well-known 'populist' wife of self-righteous plutocrat.

Another well-known ‘populist’ wife of self-righteous plutocrat.

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The Plutocrat’s Wife – Caption Contest

Ann Anntoinette Romney

Caption Contest. [Marie] Anntoinette Romney, wife of Willard. who famously scraped by with the Mittster in college by clipping coupons, eating macaroni and chesse, and, “living on Mitt’s investments.”

Trickle Down

The Romney strategy is currently surprising basic: rev up the base in the half dozen swing states by deploying the technique of Goebbels, The Big Lie(s), fold in racist dog whistling, and, let the so called issues PACS, and Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, simply bury Obama’s ground game in televised mendacity. I’m expecting a full-on deployment of the means necessary to wage a battle based in old white rural guy class resentment cast in end-times apocalyptic plotting and radical misinterpretations of Jefferson’s advisory.

(Jefferson, doh, was an anti-oligarch.)

The sudden appearance of a relentless effort to alienate female undecideds is counter-intuitive.

Then, if elected, Romney can move back into the ‘absolutist royalist opaque,’ and pivot back to the tried and true borrow-and-spend, and, to a chewy regional war in a new sandy middle eastern locale. Glorious! Bodies of the Iranian tribes and of the domestic poor will be flyin’ everywhere!

Ha ha. Apparently Willard has a thin skin. The debates will be fun.

Paul Ryan?

Still, the question remains, if the Koch Brothers and Adelson, in effect, purchase a ruling majority–with an assist from determined voter suppression–how do they collaborate with GOP plutocrats to etch in their advantage for the remainder of all time?

Romney Whitehouse

Romney, despite being a Mormon, is evidently a quasi-nihilist too. Odd combo, I know. What is Romney’s central value, ethic, aesthetic?

Answer: Mitt Romney.


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