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This is a first sports post. …gotta let it out, it being elation. I’m first a baseball fan but basketball is my favorite sport to watch on the tv. Last night the Cavs brought a Cleveland team to a pro championship series for only the third time since a Cleveland team actually reigned as champion, (the Browns in 1964.)

For the past few days I’ve waded into the b-ballosphere and read about how terrible the Cavs are despite the King of pearls at their center. There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance that arises in my reading the harsh critiques rendered by pro and lay basketball expert alike. Somehow, it would seem, a mediocre team in an awful conference won 50 out of 82 regular season games, 12 out of 16 playoff games, beat the Spurs 2 out of 2 times in the regular season, and did this all while surrounding LeBron with terrible role players whose greatest talent, evidently, is to only appear as if they’re actually a good defensive team.

Many also commented on how average to sucky is coach Mike Brown. Kudos were reserved for LeBron, the noisy homers who fill up The Q, and, after a lights out unveiling over the last ten days, for Daniel Gibson.

Moving on to the Spurs, the Cavaliers are held out as so much cannon fodder. The Spurs are purportedly the exact template of a team able to strip the glow of the Cavs’ success away, leaving only a pearl and a bunch of crap to stand naked to the world.

Now, I’m not an expert, but it seems the Western Conference finalist lost the finals to the Heat last year. Well, I know I’m right about at least this! Conclusion, stranger stuff could happen.

But how? The b-ballosphere reached a consensus last night after the Pistons loss. LeBron had two great games and the Pistons had five terrible games. The Pistons allowed the Cavs to beat them because they couldn’t be bothered to make gimme shots against the Cav’s overrated D. And, Prince was awful the whole series. The Pistons gave away their advantage in experience and their play was over-loaded with anxious emotions when it wasn’t fragmenting into chaos.

It would seem many of the experts reasoned that all the Cavs had to do was show up and let LeBron will the team to remain to the final horn while the Pistons freaked out. At what? The low level of competition?

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