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“It has been found that when the individual is “open” to all his experience, then his behavior will be creative, and his creativity may be trusted to be essentially constructive.”– Carl Rogers

(Courtesy of Mikko Ahonen, from a post in October on his blog Beyond Creativity.)

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Carl Rogers is well served by his acolyte Peter Schmid at The Person-Centered Web Site. Still, the best introductory material is Jerold Bozarth’s collection @personcentered.com. Here’s a prime downloadable piece by Schmid. “In the beginning there is community” Implications and challenges of the belief in a triune God and a person-centred approach. Schmid is, in my estimation, the paragon of a growing presence following in the giant foot steps of the original innovator. In any case, a motherload in the vast web of Rogerian resources on the net, all of it tangled up in Schmid’s core web site.


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