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The Eyes Have It

Rachel S. Smith is a Senior Consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco, CA. Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice. She has a deep understanding of new media and its application to education through her previous role as Vice President for Services of the New Media Consortium, and prior experience leading her own graphic design company. Rachel is a skilled visual facilitator and recorder and works with groups both both face-to-face and virtually. She blogs at http://www.digitalfacilitation.net

Digression. via David Sibbit David Sibbit is one of my main guys. He and I are part of the presumably shrinking group deeply inspired by the work of renegade transdisciplanarist, and pre-cursor integralist Arthur M. Young (1905-1995). (Wikipedia) Grove International offers an Arthur M. Young The Theory of Process poster. And, there’s lots of video on Youtube.

Arthur M. Young


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