Learning Partner

In October 2013, Stephen became one of the current group of four worldwide learning partners of David A. and Alice Kolb’s experiential learning consortium, Experience Based Learning Systems. As well, Stephen is a member of the Experiential Learning Community of Practice. He is part of the study group currently in the process of developing pedagogy and materials for the teaching of the Kolb LSI v4, the experiential learning model, and its practice and application.



IN4tuity, a partnership with Kenneth Warren, provides applications for organizational inquiry, strategic planning, and organizational development in the public library space. IN4tuity‘s capabilities are distinctive because the founding outlook of the partnership is transdisciplinary and oriented to their unique collaborative synergy. Kenneth Warren was the director of Lakewood Public Library, Lakewood Ohio, and he was also a civic luminary and co-founder of the Lakewood Visionary Alignment and Lakewood Observer. He is a longtime poet, publisher, scholar and advocate for lifelong learning and self-knowledge.

IN4tuity, creates and presents compelling interactive, transdisciplinary programs rooted in Analytical Psychology, esoteric and experiential inquiry, oracular tools, social cybernetics, and, group and artistic exploration. These programs are customized for the purpose of evoking in-the-moment soulwork and soulplay, and as such their programs support library development and institutional self-knowledge.

IN4tuity highest point of leverage aims to support library leadership by providing on-call gut check and field intelligence services to library directors.

(Kenneth Warren passed away suddenly May 21, 2015. IN4tuity continues with a narrowed portfolio focused on organizational, curatorial, and civic learning capabilities within public libraries.)

Inquiries: (216) 269-5568

Strategic Serendipity

book in progress for 2015

Stephen’s current research aims to unravel the complex situation of serendipity in adult development. He is one of a small group of researchers in the world focused on what is in fact a ubiquitous component in social psychological development, discovery and learning. His main areas of interest are: description, conceptualization and meta-modeling of the field, qualitative systems analysis of social, field and network factors and effects, ethnographic surveying and documentation, and, the phenomenology of fortuity.

Reduced Gregory Bateson Set

Theory, Human Cybernetics
Deeply influenced by the interdisciplinary groundwork of anthropologist and cybernetician Gregory Bateson, and others, as a theorist of meta-development in adult development, Stephen’s philosophizing/ruminating is concerned with several problems and opportunities: 3rd order social awareness, intentional heuristics in sensemaking, modal social cybernetics, ‘folk psychological’ practice, theory-closure and pragmatics in inter-personal construal and organizational construal, and 2nd/3rd order dialectical systems in adult development and learning.

Stephen: My extant pretensions and preoccupations grow in leaps and bounds and may turn out to be endless!


Imaginal Musicology & Transformative Learning
Rhythm River
conceptualizes the intersection of a listener’s praxis with soundtracks programmed to amplify a mindful engagement with the deep history of music and proto-music.


Archivist of Transformative Teaching Materials
Stephen collects teaching stories, teaching cartoons, and makes teaching cartoons out of teaching tales found in various traditions of self-realization.

Free Play Softball

Ethnographer, Adult Play
Starting in the fall of 2001, Stephen has been a participant in the Free Play Softball League. Free Play Softball is an informal experiment in experiential learning, adult play, and open systems. It was begun by David A. and Alice Kolb in 1992 at Case Western reserve University. Stephen today is one of the co-leaders of the experiment, albeit his softball skills are in decline. He contributed ethnographic notes in an article about the game, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn: A Case Study of a Ludic Learning Space Kolb, A., & Kolb, D. A. 2010, Journal of Organizational Change Management

Stephen is an improvising composer, sound designer and instrumentalist, (synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, electric, pedal and lap steel guitars, iPad applications, percussion, krar, mbira, didgeridoo,) working in the genre of experimental and ambient music. He has issued seven records on Duty Free Records. noguts noglory studios music blog

Visual Artist

The Petty Officer's Very Good Day

The Petty Officer’s Very Good Day

Stephen is a visual experimenter working entirely in the digital domain using procedural tools and programmed applications. Gallery


cat person

Cat Staffperson
Stephen is a cat person. He allows Sonny and any of the other cats to walk across or play his pedal steel guitars.


front garden

Stephen is a gardener blessed with a great front porch to work with.



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