David A. Kolb Model


There are several theoretical foundations to squareONE’s mildly iconoclastic model. To put their creators in a list conjures an image of a parade.

David A. Kolb and Gregory Bateson co-lead this parade.

Lots of luminaries have their own floats

Carl Gustav Jung

Jack Mezirow

Paolo Freire

Malcolm Knowles

Stephen Brookfied

Albert Bandura

Imagine also various clowns and dancers and mythic figures too, such as:

the busking troup of Dewey, James, and Peirce.

the twins Maturana and Varela

dancers Irigay and Woodman and Nussbaum

illusionists Prigogine and Sheldrake and Wilber

leaders of the two brass bands, Piaget and Lewin

the marvelous juggling act of Merleau Ponty, Levinas, Husserl, and Bergson.

and serving as the caboose, the clown of Dr. Freud and his helpers Klein and Winnicott.

and seemingly trying to keep up is the mysterious Bahktin.

Of course any name-dropping extravaganza is bound to be unbound and endless. After all, there are hidden characters too!

I term these influences my luminaries.