SquareONE : experiential toolmakers designs and facilitates playful learning applications to guide individuals, groups, or organizations to experientially-evoked, illuminating, insights.

INTEND adventurous aims, or focus on a big challenge
EXPLORE an evocative & serendipitous field of data / symbols / relationships
DISCOVER novel connections / meanings / options for action
ANIMATE deep understanding / do further experiments / grasp insight!

dive deep

Contexts for squareONE’s expert applications

SquareONE combines innovative and accessible experiential tools with keen facilitation skills to animate powerful applications for professional, personal and organizational inquiry and development. Our tools and facilitation have practical aims that may be focused on deepening self-understanding, or deepening understanding of any organizational, civic or social system/ecology.

Other times, truly intrepid individual learners may simply enjoin squareONE to capture what arises from unique and creative forms of soulful, open-ended exploratory experience.

squareONE’s power is most practiced and proven in the one-on-one setting.

Get a better idea of what squareONE is up to:


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