squareONE: experiential toolmakers

Dive deeply and have fun

SquareONE : experiential toolmakers designs and facilitates playful learning applications to guide individuals, groups, or organizations to experientially-evoked, illuminating, and many times, deep insights.

INTEND broad aims or focus on a challenge
EXPLORE an uncommon, evocative field
DISCOVER playfully novel relationships and meanings
ANIMATE big understanding, or do further experiments, or a-ha!

dive deep

Several of squareONE’s expert applications

SquareONE combines innovative and accessible experiential tools with keen facilitation skills to animate powerful applications for professional, personal and organizational inquiry and development, and, for collaborative exploration.

squareONE’s goal is to guide learners to remarkable insights and useful experiments. We do this by using engaging tools/processes which support playful exploration and collaborative discovery. Once realized, such discoveries often provide a way to address a wide variety of everyday or unusual human challenges.

Our tools and facilitation have practical aims that may be focused on understanding one’s self, one’s contexts, any organizational system, or any civic or social ecology.

Other times, truly intrepid learners may simply enjoin squareONE to capture what arises from unique and creative forms of soulful, open-ended experience.

Get a better idea of what squareONE is up to: (1) PROCESS & PLAY, (2) APPLICATIONS & TOOLS, (3) PROGRAMS & PRESENTATIONS.


squareONE’s experiential toolmaker is Stephen Calhoun. He has put transformative learning principles in play for much of his adult life. Beginning in 1996 with original squareONE partner (and his mentor) Judith Buerkel, Stephen has been dedicated to experimenting and figuring out how novel experience may be used to evoke sudden insight. He loves to support deep learning and self-artistry.

I partner with daring co-creators and learners and clients. squareONE guarantees our playing together will be: immense fun and deeply enlightening. Our collaboration will likely lead to surprising and positive learning. My personal goal is to excite learning through play. – Stephen

Stephen is also a researcher in the field of adult development. He is also a visual and musical artist: see OTHER INITIATIVES | STEPHEN.

Stephen and squareONE have worked primarily with individuals and small groups since 1996. squareONE has presented programs for Lakewood Public Library, The Noetics Group of Brecksville, The Noetics Group of Fairlawn, and Entrepreneurs for Sustainability. Serving as a contractor, he recently wrapped up nine years managing client services and assessment for The Catalyst Consulting Group, an organizational and executive development firm in Cleveland. He is one of the handful of global learning partners of Experience-Based Learning Systems and is a member of the Experiential Learning Community of Practice. [more]

From a Sufi Story

TEACHING CARTOONS melds puzzling and humorous materials into a 2 hour long experiential adventure.

Basic contact info: Stephen Calhoun by email sc.calhoun at gmail.com | (216) 269-5568 phone | squareONE is located in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

squareONE in action

Library staff is playing and creating, which means squareONE helping Kenneth Warren support and help guide strategic planning at Wadsworth Public Library. Our partnership is configured as IN4tuity.

IN4tuity, squareONE’s partnership with Kenneth Warren, focuses on library and civic development.