Liberation of Astrology



This gif was purloined from It is an example of someone else–besides yours truly–who has made the attempt to sever astrology from its various explicit historical, and metaphysical propositional domains.

In the case of this picture, I reckon its context connects astrology to a therapeutic domain.

Similarly, my own effort is to completely sever astrology from each and every metaphysical domain. The reason I do this is because I cannot make any sense of the various causal suppositions of astrology at the crucial point where those relations suppose extensive additional causal relations, and, this system of relations compels metaphysical, or esoteric, or supernatural, or supranatural, or, magical proposals.

I am willing to experiment with what are the basic psychological categories of the signs of the zodiac and the planetary houses.


Having freed synchronicity–given by the Analytical Psychology–from its various metaphysical predications, while understanding that a third order human cybernetics frames information to be a transactional lever, it is but a hop and a skip to transform those basic “astro-psychological” categories into functional information classes. This provides for the synchronistic opportunity to deploy those functionalities for the purpose of leveraging self-discovery and self-knowledge.

Such a transaction uses the astrological classes and their meaningfulness to frame personal or interpersonal inquiries, out of which potentials for meaningful insights may be developed.

(There are also applications in group and organizational development because, after all, it’s just information.)

Once liberated, the astrological system of psychological qualities inverts the esoteric predicate so that, in effect, what we start with is this idea: all persons embody and enact all possible astrological charts. Metaphysically speaking, this ends up at: as below, so above.

Astrology is the result of projecting the psyche onto the heavens.

A project could be to connect the developmental maturational classes and factors to the explicit psychological language  of astrology.


Longstanding psychological categories attach to Zodiacal elements.

(Richard Patz, 1997: In “Alchemy, The Philosopher’s Stone”, Allison Coudert provides a list of correspondences between alchemical processes and the signs of the Zodiac
that Dom Pernety (18th C. France) gives in his alchemical dictionary:

Aries Calcination
Taurus Congelation
Gemini Fixation
Cancer Dissolution
Leo Digestion
Virgo Distillation
Libra Sublimation
Scorpio Separation
Saggittarius Ceration
Capricorn Fermentation
Aquarius Multiplication
Pisces Projection

Aries Calcination Emperor
Taurus Congelation Hierophant
Gemini Fixation Lovers
Cancer Dissolution Chariot
Leo Digestion Strength
Virgo Distillation Hermit
Libra Sublimation Justice
Scorpio Separation Death
Sagittarius Ceration Temperance
Capricorn Fermentation Devil
Aquarius Multiplication Star
Pisces Projection Moon


Is the birth chart more like a roll of the I Ching, than it is like anything else?


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