Today. 4pm. The Lakewood Public Library Future Tools Series

…presenting a galvanizing vision for the pursuit of transformative knowledge via the exploration of everyday urban life. Then, during the main course of the program, participants will offer their own ideas about how this knowledge could be sought, created, captured, and documented. The evenin’s program is capped off by Stephen’s comments and discussion on the process of learning and knowledge creation already initiated by the program, and, ends with his framing of the possibility about the city that came to know itself better than any other.

What would happen if residents of a small inner ring suburban took it upon themselves to collaborate together to set a WORLD RECORD for coming to know the city they live in?

1. What’s the current world record?
2. What bundle of knowledge so gained breaks this record?
3. How would the residents go about this?
4. What would if be like to actually try to do this?
5. Are there any underlying reasons besides doing this for its own sake that might vitalize and amplify this audacious attempt at civic knowledge creation?

announcement@ Listening to the City

The programs are free For more information 216.932.7566 216.226.8275

Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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