Shaikh Abul Janaab Najmuddin al-Kubra (may Allah favor him,) in his book Fawatih ul-Jamaal, wrote “Dhikr is flowing in the body of creatures by the necessity of their breath, because through their breathing, the letter ‘Ha’ of the Divine Name ‘Allah,’ is the very sound made with every exhalation and inhalation and it is a sign of the Unseen Essence serving to emphasize the Uniqueness of God. Therefore it is necessary to be present with that breathing, in order to realize the Essence of the Creator. God’s name ‘Allah’ encompasses God’s ninety-nine Names and Attributes and consists of four letters, ‘Alif,’ ‘Lam,’ ‘Lam’ and ‘Hah’ (ALLAH). The absolute unseen Essence of God, Glorious and Exalted, is expressed by the letter ‘Hah’ which represents the Absolute Unseen which is the same letter ‘Hah’ which is used in the name ‘Allah’ which encompasses the ninety-nine Names and Attributes. That name, as we said, consists of four letters: the letter ‘Ha’ which is ‘Ha’ and ‘Alif’, and it represents the Absolute Unseen of Allah. The first ‘Lam’ is for the sake of identification and the second ‘Lam’ is for the sake of emphasis.

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