White House Chief of Staff, Joshua Bolten, and Tony Blair’s Office Request Information Regarding Spiral Dynamics from Dr. Don E. Beck of Adizes Graduate School

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– Mr. Bolten requested details for President Bush regarding Dr. Beck’s recent high profile meetings in the Middle East. Tony Blair’s office, as the official Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East (UN, EU, US, Russia), called the same day (February 12th) to schedule a meeting. A meeting with Shimon Peres, President of Israel, is being scheduled in May.

They are interested because Spiral Dynamics presentations were recently given for high ranking Knesset members, the Peres Center for Peace, Al Quds University in Jerusalem, Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center, and meetings with top business leadership in Israel who are working together with business leaders in Palestine to create jobs and opportunities for people on both sides.

One, Shimon Zidler, CEO of Wissotzky Tea Company, the largest in Israel and an ISO certified producer, arranged a presentation for a group of business leaders on January 30th at his offices.

On February 2nd, 700 leaders, both women and men of the Fatah party, met with Dr. Beck and Elza Maalouf, CEO of The Center for Human Emergence – Middle East, to start a nation-building movement using Spiral Dynamics principles. The Center plans a future gathering of 200,000 Palestinians from academia, government and business, anticipated to focus on building capacities and jobs, and to create excellence in education and infrastructure in Palestine.

Requests for future trainings have come from Knesset members and the Coexistence Organization Network in Israel, Department Heads at Al Quds University, and Directors of youth organizations at Birzeit University in Palestine. Sponsors are being sought for upcoming events and projects.

…caught my eye. I don’t know, really have zero idea, what the developmental learning scheme is vis a vis deploying Spiral Dynamics for the purpose of cross-cultural reconciliation. However, I can play with the implications of the event through which a bunch of principally purple-red-blue: imperialists, fans of the “coordinated unitary executive,” trickle-up supply siders, original constructionist, neocons, and jacobins, are apprised of one of the most secular and humanist and sociological paradigms around.

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