I was dumping audio from my Zoom H4 digital recorder, and, lo-and-behold, there was an environmental recording on it etched from placing my backpack with the recorder in it next to the chain link backstop on the Freeplay softball diamond. I blogged in November about that endeavor.

What’s neat is how the recording captures lots of aural evidence that supports the hypothesis of the Kolb’s paper. This is expected, yet the reduction of the life world of the softball game for the sake of research is one thing, with its data set drawn from interviews and recollected impressions, whereas the capture of the aural environs is altogether more directly related to the real time life world!

(This reminded me that ethnographic documentation is drawn from the more robust “multi-sensorial” analog direct experience of the participant-observer.)

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  1. Fascininating– we should do it again this summer. I can hear everybody!

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