Walk Score allows one to plug in a street address and quickly learn how walkable is the neighborhood the address is located within.

I plugged in my own Shaker Heights address and it received a 65 score. This rates as very walkable, but in truth my neighborhood is residential blocks located between two close-by shopping complexes. Next I plugged in the Phoenix Cafe in Lakewood, and the core was 85. Extremely walkable, and it would put Lakewood in the top 10%, of the 2,500+ neighborhoods the Walk Score Project has scored. The project–and it’s methodology–scored over 1,000,000 locations.

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The walker’s paradises are listed. It is restricted to scores taken from neighborhoods in the 40 largest cities. By way of comparison, I scored Church Street in Burlington, Vermont, (population: 39,000) and not surprisingly it scored 97 out of 100.

Cleveland garnered 60 points overall. Cleveland possesses several well-known walker’s districts. For example, the up-and-coming Gordon Square received a ranking of 83. I haven’t delved into the methodology by which many neighborhood’s scores are aggregated to arrive at a city’s score. Anyway, it’s neat that Lakewood is more walkable than New York is overall, and behind San Francisco.

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