Kamelmauz Update


Nogutsnoglory Studio set up for live video and audio recording. The project for Jesper Nordin and Gestrument features three tracks, two of Gestrument for iPad, and one looped, processed 2 bars of pedal steel guitar, plus steel guitar atmospherics. I am may well be the only audionaut in the world deploying pedal steel and Gestrument to make soundscapes.

Gestrument 1

I gave notice on the music blog, but, here’s the direct link to the page featuring IOS Music Pioneers, including yours truly in his Kamelmauz mode. (Gestrument iis a deep gestural, generative sampler, synthesizer, controller.



Kamelmauz and Duty Free Records, released two records in December recorded on Gestrument, made the demonstration video for Gestrument, compiled older outtakes into a single album, Unity, revitalized the Soundcloud nogutsnoglory site, and, also started an endless album on Kamelmauz-soundz at Bandcamp. As always, the music blog and Kamelmauz twitter @kamelmauz are there to help you keep track! And, there’s a Facebook stone too.


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