Carl Rogers is well served by his acolyte Peter Schmid at The Person-Centered Web Site. Still, the best introductory material is Jerold Bozarth’s collection @personcentered.com. Here’s a prime downloadable piece by Schmid. “In the beginning there is community” Implications and challenges of the belief in a triune God and a person-centred approach. Schmid is, in my estimation, the paragon of a growing presence following in the giant foot steps of the original innovator. In any case, a motherload in the vast web of Rogerian resources on the net, all of it tangled up in Schmid’s core web site.


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  1. Valerie

    Oooops, I found you when browsing the net…”par hasard”

    Jerold Bozarth is certainly the One to read, clear, concise, and certainly as non-directive as Carl Rogers was.

    Peter Schmidt, I am not sure. I agree he has got a rich website, and he is very eloquent, … a little too old now to go on the foot steps of the innovator… this approach needs young active researchers, psychologists, or counsellors….but perhaps they are not given yet the best place when it comes into being famous in this field, even in the Person-Centred world, there is a fierce competition going on for recognition, job, fame and money :D

    I certainly trust more Jerold Bozarth and his humble way of being, as well as his conferences of small sizes at Warm Springs, Georgia that are unstructured and nobody goes on stage to shine reading aloud their own papers awaiting for applause at the end, Jerold Bozarth is present with the Others and among them at the same level…and write his own books from time to time, despite some problems with his sight which makes it a little more difficult.

    In conclusion, to say that Schmidt is taking the lead in the PC field is only an assumption that makes me assume that you only see what you have seen and know what you have heard…but there are more people in that field that have already made it in the Carl Rogers’ steps but who we never speak about as they have not built an empire of their own stuff

  2. I am not an expert on the Rogerian literature. You’ve opened a door here and I will go through it. ‘Paragon’ was over-heated and not expertly determined.

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