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The shadow is not the whole of the unconscious personality. It represents unknown or little-known attributes and qualities of the ego-aspects that mostly belong to the personal sphere and that could just as well be con- scious. In some aspects, the shadow can also consist of collective factors that stem from a source outside the individual’s personal life. When an individual makes an attempt to see his shadow, he becomes aware of (and often ashamed of) those qualities and impulses he denies in himself but can plainly see in other people-such things as egotism, mental laziness, and sloppiness; unreal fantasies, schemes, and plots; carelessness and cowardice; inordinate love of money and possessions-in short, all the little sins about which he might previously have told himself: “That doesn’t matter; nobody will notice it, and in any case other people do it too.”

If you feel an overwhelming rage coming up in you when a friend reproaches you about a fault, you can be fair1y sure that at this point you will find a part of your shadow, of which you are unconscious. It is, of course, natural to become annoyed when others who are “no better” criticize you because of shadow faults.

Joseph Henderson, Jungian Analyst

There may come a point when the lay observer lurches back from being enthralled by the amazing conspiracy freak-a-thon. He asks himself: ‘What is so compelling–to you–about the garden variety magical participation you’re chewing up (your) valuable time voyeuristically looking upon?”

The main thing for me is that a robust socio-psycho-historical snapshot has to have enough depth of field in it to capture the background where the shadow of regressive dynamics comes into resolution. As phenomenologist, this interests me. So, looking into such a picture, an embarrassment of super loopy psycho-dynamic riches is revealed. Ummm, wordplay intended.

Did you know Orly Taitz is outside-looking in on the main birther action these days?

This is not to take anything away from her own scary-thon. Follow this story at TPM to her recent filing.

The central action in the Birtherama is cut between TerriK at her blog Missstickly, and, naturalborncitizen, and, investigatingobama. The interpretation of various ‘findings’ shifts over time, yet, at the moment, they’re mostly converging on a delicate (and irrational,) parsing of statements made by Hawaii Health Director Chiyome L. Fukino, MD. Incredibly, this interpretation underpins the birther’s rebuttal of the conspiracy insult. It seems, there is a plain truth, and that it will seep through the perceived ambiguities discoverable in Hawaiian bureaucrat’s slips! The basic, current line is: Hawaii, were it operating under the more sensible law of Nevada, would be compelled to release documents that verify their own existence, and verify the claim that these same records demonstrate that the so-called long form birth certificate either exists, or, some other holding record was at some time created and/or amended.

The point being: that Hawaiian law may provide for this discovery, and, that Dr. Fukino has already goofed and provided birthers with a loophole big enough to drive a truck-of-discovery through. …completely nuts.

Then there is the swine flu virus and/or vaccination conspiracy. Any galloping conspiracy earns its spurs at such point that hyper crackpot Alex Jones takes an interest. With the virus flu paranoia, Jones was an early adapter.

The first comment under the above article (from April 2009,) is paradigmatic:

That is what people can do to get the ball rolling, connect the dots A-Z, making the evidence disturbing and truth, put in the info in peoples faces so they cannot deny what is happening, then there would be a public outcry in the millions or billions to deal with these scum, thats what needs to happen, educate your fellow man, its not safe to wait for there solution any longer, you, your loved ones, your family, and virtually anyone you know (the police, the military, the politicians, the general people) except for the select will all be affected when things go down, its in everyones interest except the selects to expose these things. Help save others and in so doing you might save yourself, our strength is to win the intellectual battle and cause an outcry for them to be tried and if convicted thrown in prison, thats what you do with the criminals in your society, accountability for their actions will lead them to prison if you connect the dots and convince people.

Also from April 2009:

August, under the title Mandatory H1N1 Swine Flu Forced Vaccinations – NWO Depopulation Program COMING SOON

Several main iterations of the plot are in play. First is that the swine flu itself is deliberately being ‘seeded’ in the population so as to feed a pandemic and eventual takeover of the western governments by agents of the NWO. Second, is that the vaccination program in the USA is actually an op aimed to selectively thin the ‘opposition’. Third, is that the vaccination will be mandatory and will require the establishment of conditions enabled so as to enforce said mandate, and end the ‘republic.’

Yet these three scenarios all swirl about the vortex proposed to instantiate the draining of ‘liberty’. I’ll reprise my view on the object relations that inhere to this: the subject possesses the part object of ‘liberty’ and screams that a predatory ‘new world order’ is going to rip away and repossess it. In other words, it’s an infantile psychological position. I suppose also there is a definitive liberty involved in internalizing an anticipated deprivation, but it’s thin, albeit highly charged. It’s certainly not the inalienable freedom (given by Frankl,) or the existential reconciliation with mortality offered by Ernst Becker. It’s not the conditional liberty given by Tom Paine et al.

No, it’s unconditional; thus it’s more interesting as psychological manifestation and as a social construct mediated by a kind of charismatic echo chamber. Collect together enough regression, ordinate it to inchoate fear of loss of genital power and efficacious identity, and, presto!, “America” needs to be taken back from the repo men cum ur-repo man, the Manchurian candidate–President Obama.

Given these shadowy collective psycho-dynamics, President Obama, is felt by fearful proponents of resistance (to the ‘end of America’) to be the blackest of predatory fathers.

(Oddly, his predecessor was a puer and somewhat immunized from this same content (of projective identification. Although, truth be told, the main money-grubbing conspiracy collectives were busy enough during Bush’s administration: after all, the Bush family had already obtained iconic status as tri-lateralists, Nazi sympathizers, and NWO-directed scoundrels.)

Yet, President Obama offers a much more blank screen. It would seem, if one is paranoid enough to feel his hand close to one’s cajones, he’d be the dark messiah come out of nowhere to cut off resistor’s–pardon me–balls of liberty.

Always, in retrospect, top American leaders in every instance—in our era where symbol and sign and mythologem and sticky tenplate for imago are pushed instantly to the screen—turn out to have been ideally configured for the purpose of having split-off, blackened contents ‘projectively’ attached to them. Regressive paranoia is, in this respect, flexible and always able to morph to fit the disdained objects!

Finally, last and in some ways least, is the growth of conspiratorial imagination evoked by the arrival of American Private Police Force in—of all places—Hardin, Montana. TPM is tracking this very amusing side-show. Here’s a search feed for TPM using “Hardin.” The action starts on 9-30-2009.

Before I plug in a spectacular source for the imaginings, I’ll give my own provisional take on what APPF was up to vis-a-vis Hardin, Montana. My tentative opinion is that APPF identified a mark, concocted a plan, and aimed to establish a footjold in the security-industrial complex. I suppose this in turn is aimed at grabbing some quick paydays from other marks in the future. Anyway, to support their merchandising, APPF threw together a web site, and slotted into it both provincial and extravagant claims about the company’s capabilities. They also both made explicit claims, and hinted, about credentials and company history. What they didn’t plan for was the web site, and the contract with Hardin, coming under scrutiny.

My speculation is troubled however. It’s hard to fathom this op coming to be lucrative for APPF.

Meanwhile, on September 29, unknown persons start up the American Police Force web site. It uses the blog format. It’s first posting explains:

About Us
We are also ( if you are looking for the American Police Force talked about in the media, their official website is:

In addition to fighting Globalism and the Privatization of our police departments and prisons, we are also dedicated to fighting tyranny by exposing Jack booted thugs also known as the many militarized and violent Law enforcement and Paramilitary (both private and public) personnel that are oppressing and abusing innocent citizens. This includes those thugs who subvert our constitutional right to assembly and protest, our right to keep and bear arms, and our right to not submit to illegal search and seizure.

We don’t hate all cops and we don’t hate our military, however, we do hate those who abuse their power and who refuse to turn in their fellow abusive officers.

If you are a Cop and consider yourself one of the “good guys” and are sickened by the videos that we post on this site, and if you’re fed up with writing excessive tickets just to fund your state or local government, then consider joining a group like Oathkeepers and have the courage to turn in and arrest your fellow officers who abuse their power and authority. If you are too cowardly to do that, then quit and turn in your badges. Remember, YOU work for us! There is not enough room in this country for both us growing number of Pissed Off citizens and you Jack booted thugs. Don’t Ever forget, We outnumber you!

Yippee! That didn’t take long. This leads to, today, the following.

American Private Police Force Logo: Possible ties to Illuminati and Freemasonry

We’ve dug up a little more information here, I’ll do more research as I get time, but check this out. It seems that the Coat of Arms in question has ties to the Illuminati and the House of Rothchild as well as similarities to a the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

That didn’t take long. . .at all!

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