“You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, disbelief. Free your mind.” Morpheus (The Matrix)

Creating a mastermind is one of the fastest ways to get what you want. Our world is too complex to achieve much of anything by ourselves. Nearly all of our knowledge comes from outside ourselves.

Plus, when two people and especially three or four people get together, sparks fly. In our knowledge-based world, it’s nearly mandatory to constantly hone our skills. Books help. So do audio and video. Yet, the human touch is still the most powerful fuel to energize our minds. Year after year, professionals rise to the top of their fields by investing in themselves.

There are several ways to create a mastermind. 1) You can create an internal mastermind or role models (living or deceased), 2) You can join an association, 3) You can create a study group, or 4) You can find a mentor or coach. full article fr:Net-Intelligence

This is a start, at least. I’d could add quite a bit, but will add just a little. ‘Getting what you want’ is a constraint on open-ended learning worthy of its own deconstruction. What…why…how…are always good questions.

Yes, a group is a fine vehicle too. Leverage the differentiation. Different members want different things.

Also, getting what you don’t want can be a very powerful countervaling move. Sometimes the most explosive learning is the result of finding out that what one wants is something beyond what one thinks is wanted, or, that what one needs is entirely different than what one wants.

A Master Mind group is a good vehicle, yet the best groups most of the time benefit from keen facilitation. The more open-ended the group’s aims, the more keen must be the light touch and guidance of the facilitator.

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