I’ll be rationalizing the sq1:explorations blogroll for a few months, starting with this first installment. This means ejecting the defunct and injecting new blogs from my diigo archive. I also hope to seed some traffic my way since it has dropped 75% in six months. I’ve always aspired to make the blogroll a great one, yet this will be the first time I’ve gone back to each and every outpost.

And, I’ll narrate this process. For example, jeff Larsen’s Dried Sage blog made the roll under sociology, but it turns out Larsen blogged at his Dried Sage for all of 3 months in 2007! Sayonara.

The South African Blog, specializing as it does on Capetown, is active and remains pegged to special places. Table Mountain is the number one mountain I wish to visit.

Grant H. Potts’s Faces in the Moon, Armies in the Clouds:Comments on Religion, Society, and Life has 4 posts in 1 year. Its stays for the time being. Baheyya: Egypt Analysis and Whimsy stays too, although it is similarly low in activity. However, the photography is striking.

Finally, Grant McCracken’s blog, THIS BLOG SITS AT THE Intersection of Anthropology and Economics, has acquired a ton of authority over the years, and I’ll be venturing there to bring back a report soon. ‘TBSA’ also has a fantastic blogroll.

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