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Smile, You’re On Candid Everything

This came up on my Google+ feed. My first thought was, ‘smile for the cameras.’ All of ’em My hot tip of the day is: duckduckgo, the anonymous search engine one might use if privacy is a concern. cartoonist: Chris … Continue reading

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(Purloined from The Joy of Tech) I refuse to watch the Google+ introductory video until that point far in the future I receive a usable invite. However, I’ve gleaned enough info to wonder if the G+ platform might be a … Continue reading

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Fetch the Sock Puppet

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Gordon Knox, director of the global initiatives project at Stanford University’s Humanities Lab could be considered an instigator of the “post-professional” meme as it applies to the commons and articulations of knowledge and experience on the internet. article: If Corporations … Continue reading

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I’ll be rationalizing the sq1:explorations blogroll for a few months, starting with this first installment. This means ejecting the defunct and injecting new blogs from my diigo archive. I also hope to seed some traffic my way since it has … Continue reading

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Almost immediately after going online in 1995, I ran into new friends via email discussion lists. This was a comfortable mode for me although when I look back at my experience I recognize how I let a lot of counter-productive … Continue reading

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With exquisite timing, Google today released its year-end Zeitgeist report, revealing “our collective consciousness” as expressed through our searches. The list of our top-ten news searches of the year provides a delightful preview of what we can expect when those … Continue reading

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I mostly use Google. MSN Search, despite my antipathy to most things Microsoft, brings up different results for the same search, so, it comes into play. VIVISIMO‘s CLUSTY is a crawler with a useful concept: it catalogues search returns by … Continue reading

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