The Approach-a-tron


Working name for new squareONE tool is The Approach-a-tron. It’s named so because it could be used to jiggle and juggle around a person’s approach to something or another.

[QT: 640 480]

I found the spinning cubes at a garage sale last summer. This tool is a variation on the ‘classic’ squareONE tool model. It provides a randomly generated set of data points which start from a point of possessing zero relationship or meaningfulness to what the learner brings forth.

First step for squareONE tools and for my playful collaborative co-creation with a learner is to develop a powerful intention to learn about a crucial situation of the learner. The next step is for the learner to explore, then discover, possible relations and meaningfulness in the field betwixt his or her challenge, question, or problem. Finally, the last step for a learner is to highlight the most worthwhile relations and meaningfulness for the sake of further exploration or doing an active experiment based in any insight evoked by the worthwhile discovery, or taking advantage of such an insight in any other way.

I have not tested this new tool and I would be open to anybody volunteering to be a test subject. This can be brought about face-to-face or by Skype.
sc.calhoun (at)

squareONE: experiential toolmakers is to receive some attention in the coming months. I will roll out a new web site. I will update the pitch and thrust of squareONE’s mission.

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