Symmetry Visual Experiment

Guardian Angel Dude

Work-in-progress, November 2013

Guardian Angel Dude; S.Calhoun; 28″ x 22″ draft version, for giclee, glassless float

The display choices reflect that the symmetry experiments seems to me to demand at least a two foot, or longer, side. I have begun framing an earlier piece in a simple glassless frame and the image is not big enough. The reason size matters is that the clever visual trick of the symmetry operation creates details and the viewer’s sight really needs to be thrown right into the ‘thick’ center of the image.

Each experiment triangulates the source image and its own supporting features, the simple symmetry formula, and the element of surprise. Most experiments I’ve done are failures, yet, crucially, each failure is worthwhile too. Each failure teaches me more about how to refine my technique.

Guardian Dude Center

If you look closely at the top center of the top image you can pick out this clip. I’ve enlarged this clip–keep in mind my experiments are entirely digital–to 30 inches, or larger than the source image. I’ve been archiving such ‘central vertical line clips’ with an eye to making a piece out of the best of those clips.

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