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David Brooks Fail

The milquetoast, kinder-and-gentler conservative NYT editorialist David Brooks delivered another brightly burning ideational bulb today. Man, I wish he had had the time to show it to the missus first! It is all downhill after this tipping point, reached in … Continue reading

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Eva Palin & Palinism

Sarah Palin fascinates me as a person, personality type, and behavioral specimen. As a ‘psycvhological’ screen for a certain type of ‘main street’ resentment, she’s obvious ideally configured. Sarah Palin’s ego and ambitions are breathtaking. People have told me: “Palin … Continue reading

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Bend Over Economics

Daniel Schmidt An Economic Agenda for the GOP Republicans need to be pro-market, not pro-business. Luigi Zingales, City Journal, Autumn 2009 The success of the Republican platform went well beyond the voting booth, of course. The war against the evil … Continue reading

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Gold Men Sex

The Man Who Crashed the World by Michael Lewis. Toward the end of 2005, Cassano promoted Al Frost, then went looking for someone to replace him as the ambassador to Wall Street’s subprime-mortgage-bond desks. As a smart quant who understood … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about writing a brief essay about the crossing of folk psychological prejudice and surface economic schemas, which is to suggest how people articulate their sense of economic conditions. Were I to do so I would highlight how … Continue reading

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A voter’s behavior at the polling place reduces to a decision. Hold that idea. This is analogous to a shopper’s behavior. How much time does a shopper spend in deciding what tomato in a pile of tomatoes will provide the … Continue reading

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via Naomi Klein University of Chicago Faculty Letter on The Milton Friedman Institute 6 June 2008 President Robert Zimmer Provost Thomas Rosenbaum University of Chicago 5801 South Ellis Avenue Suite 502 Chicago IL 60637 Dear President Zimmer and Provost Rosenbaum: … Continue reading

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The Centre for Confidence (Glasgow) doesn’t have much in front of its online door, except for an amusing and often thought evoking line-up of articles. What is really amusing are the articles about the psychological consequences of the Scots aesthetic; … Continue reading

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Mark Lund, Experiential learning. A small exploration, supplies an okay overview of experiential learning’s intellectual roots. No doubt its concision came at a cost of completeness. I guess I’m not much of a judge of this, because there is an … Continue reading

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Sorry, comments are in fact turned on. The In-Box broils a bit due to my my earlier controversial post. Accused of not knowing the other side or anything about Weatherhead internal politics, I admit t’is so. I also note better … Continue reading

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Meanwhile…over Lakewood way, I’m involved as advisor, facilitator, and writer in the Lakewood Observer project. As an east sider with one foot planted in Lakewood, I like to believe myself to be the observer of the Observer. The crew of … Continue reading

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Underneath the complex clashes of the cultural war are very interesting conundrums which do not yield to superficial criticism. For example, any cost/benefit analysis used to rationalize real harm supports a dry ‘scientism’ unhooked from morality. From the other side, … Continue reading

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